Winter Holidays in Russia Russia's most beautiful cities covered in snow

Russia is at its most beautiful during the cold
and ivory months of winter. Come join us for
this special New Year's edition of our most
popular private tour,the Treasures of Two
Capitals. We will show you the ancient
Kremlin, theexpansive Hermitage, the iconic
St. Basil's Cathedral, the spectacular Catherine's
Palace, and the ascetic Peter and Paul Fortress.
Ring in the New Year in the two most beautiful
cities in the world, Moscow and St. Petersburg!




Day 01: Moscow

Welcome to Moscow! After your driver picks you up from the
airport, you will be whisked to your hotel in the heart of
this bustling metropolis. The evening is reserved for you to
rest in preparation for your eventful week. If you wish,
you can explore the area around the hotel.


Day 02: Christmas Eve in Moscow

This day is for you. There are no preplanned programs,
scheduled tours, or standing reservations; it is entirely up
to you to experience Moscow how you see fit.


Day 03: Moscow

Your adventure starts after a hearty Russian breakfast. The first day
of touring will be eight hours of nonstop Moscow wonders, from the
Red Square to the Vorob'evy Hills Park (World War II Memorial) to
the beautiful Cathedral of Christ the Savior. You will even get to
trek inside the mighty fortress of the Kremlin as well as the world-
famous St. Basil's Cathedral.


Day 04: Moscow

This evening you will choose from a first-class overnight
train or the express economy train and travel to Russia's
northern capital, St Petersburg. Before you leave, you will
explore Moscow's ornate subway as well as the Tretyakov
Picture Gallery.


Day 05: St. Petersburg

The culmination of the world's best capitals, St. Petersburg is
the crown jewel of travel destinations. Your tour guide will take
you to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Church of the Savior
on Spilled Blood, and St Isaac's Cathedral. After four hours of
guided touring you will have the chance to explore the city on
your own.


Day 06: The Hermitage

After a quick and filling breakfast at the hotel, you will proceed
to the heart of St. Petersburg: Palace Square and the Winter
Palace. Your tour of these historically vibrant locations will last
five hours.


Day 07:Catherine's Palace

Catherine's Palace is located on the outskirts of St. Petersburg
Tsarksoye Selo (Royal Village), and was a gift from Peter the
Great to his wife Catherine I. The Palace is a striking example
of baroque architecture with its gorgeous interiors that are
more than spectacular. The so-called Golden Enfilade of
state rooms, designed by Rastrelli, is particularly renowned
and forms the focus of the palace tour.


Day 08:New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg

New Year's Eve is by far the most celebrated holiday in Russia.
The entire city comes alive with noise and parties and life, exploding
in a colorful array of festive well-wishes and hopeful excitement for
a bountiful new year. We left this day open for you to choose how
and where you would like to ring in the New Year.


Day 09:Departure

This is the final day of your tour. Your driver will take you to the
airport. You will be leaving Russia with a lifetime of memories
, fascinated by the country itself and its amazing northern capital -
St. Petersburg, in particular!