Trans-Siberian Express

Beginning in Moscow, this Trans-Siberian tour
takes you on a purely Russian adventure. You will see
the Ural Mountains and the city of Irkutsk before
heading to the Russian Far East. Your trip will end in
Russia's Pacific port of Vladivostok, one of the
easternmost points in the country.




Day 01: Arrival to Moscow

Welcome to Moscow - Russia's historic capital, its largest and most
vibrant city, one of the world's most interesting places! Your driver
will be waiting for you at the exit gate of the airport. After hotel
check-in you can relax in your room, grab a bite to eat in the hotel's
restaurant, or visit the surrounding sites. We recommend taking
the opportunity to adjust to the time zone so that you will be
well-rested for your eventful program the following day.


Day 02: Moscow

Today your guide will take you on one of the most
interesting tours in the world. You will visit the
famous Red Square and go inside St. Basil's
Cathedral, built by Ivan the Terrible in the 15th
century. Next is the Kremlin and the World War
II Memorial in the Vorobyevi Hills Park, as well
as the spectacular Cathedral of Christ the Savior,
destroyed by the communists and restored only a
few years ago. The tour will last about eight hours.


Day 03: Depart from Moscow

Today begins your journey across Eurasia! During this trip you will
explore the mighty Ural Mountains and Baikal Lake, drive through
the dunes of the Gobi Desert, and see the magic of the Orient.
Before you leave you will make a few final stops in Moscow, namely
to the Tretyakov Gallery and the Moscow Subway.


Day 04: The Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains divide Europe and Asia and have
been the backbone of Russia's industry for more than
300 years. Take advantage of the amazing photo-ops
as you pass through these world wonders.


Day 05: Novosibirsk

Siberia is distant, but not desolate. In fact, we will
visit Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia, which has almost
as many inhabitants as Atlanta. Novosibirsk is an
important scientific center and even Microsoft
maintains offices here. City is holding the world record
for highest growth rate. Only 70 years since it
was established in 1903, it had already more then a
million inhabitants.


Day 06: Sayany Mountains

Sayany is a gorgeous mountain range in the southern

part of Siberia. It features breathtaking landscapes,

rich wildlife and untouched nature. This day your train

will stop at Krasnoyarsk - economic and cultural center

of East Siberia. It is one of the biggest cities in the

region with population of 950 thousand people.


Day 07: Irkutsk

Arrive in Irkutsk, met by guide and driver.

Transfer to the Victoria hotel in Irkutsk for early check-in.

Breakfast at the hotel. Rest, free time


Day 08: The Baikal Lake, Day 1

Transfer from the hotel to the railway station.
Lunch at the Polovinnaya station.

Ferry crossing to Listvyanka. Check-in to the Chalet

Dinner. Overnight in Listvyanka.


Day 09: The Baikal Lake, Day 2

Visit to the fascinating Museum of Wooden Architecture containing unique and historic wooden structures donated from all over Russia and historic houses and buildings of the indigenous people saved from a valley flooded during the construction of a Soviet dam. Lunch at a local Siberian restaurant. Transfer to Irkutsk. Check-in to the Victoria hotel. Overnight in Irkutsk.


Day 10: Buryat Republic

This morning your driver will meet you in the hotel
lobby and take you to the train station. You will meander
along Lake Baikal's picturesque shore, giving you
a breathtaking view of the lake's gorgeous natural
beauty. In the afternoon you will stop in Ulan
Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic, center
of Russian Buddhism.


Day 11: Zabaikalye/the Far East

Today you will be mesmerized by the Zabaikalye
Steppes before stopping in Chita, the capital of
the region. In the afternoon you will watch the
steppes change to a taiga forest as you leave Siberia
and enter the Far East.


Day 12: Russian Far East

You will spend this day on the train while moving through
the pristine forests of the Russian Far East. It is a
remote but beautiful region with fertile plains and hot
humid summers as you advance farther south, though
winters are as brutal as in Siberia.
In the evening you will cross the mighty Amur River
and stop in Khabarovsk, a large industrial city and
your last stop before arrival in Vladivostok.


Day 13: Vladivostok

Vladivostok is the largest port on the Pacific Coast of

Russia. Climb the hills of the "Russian San Fransisco" or

hop on a tram to see the promenades of Svetlanskaya

Street and Okeansky Prospekt. Vladivostok is also a popular

ocean resort, so don't miss the chance to visit one of the

luxurious local beaches. You will reach Vladivostok early

in the morning and be taken to your home stay where

you can relax after your long trip.


Day 14: Departure

This is the final day of your tour. You will be leaving home

with a lifetime of memories and unforgettable experiences

. Return to this enigmatic country soon!