Lake Baikal The World's Deepest Lake

If there is anything well known about Siberia,
it is Lake Baikal, located in both the Buryatia
and the Irkutsk regions. It is 636 km long and 48 km
wide with a fifth of the world's fresh water reserves.
For the past twenty years, Lake Baikal has been
studied by conservationists who dubbed it a World
Heritage site. Both worldwide and local conservationists
are actively protecting the lake against pollution.




Day 01: Irkutsk

Welcome to Irkutsk, the "Paris of Siberia" and the gateway to
the indescribable Lake Baikal! Upon arrival you will be met by
your professional bilingual guide who will assist you in transferring
to your hotel


Day 02: Bolshoye Goloustnoye

Bolshoye Goloustnoye is a two-and-a-half hour drive
from Irkutsk. Along the way you will stop at the Buryat
log-yurts near the Shantuysky Bridge, named for the
old shaman buried there. Upon arrival in Bolshoye
Goloustnoye, you will be sharing a traditional Siberian lunch
and accommodations with local families.


Day 03: Bolshoye Goloustnoye

After breakfast you will hike to the picturesque Sukhoye Ozero (Dry
Lake), three kilometers from the village. The hike takes you along
the path of the national park, through the birch tree grove of the
Ushkanyi Hollow. Also during the hike you may swim in the warm
Semenikha Bay before dining on a campfire-prepared lunch
of tender omul-fish. In the evening you will enjoy Buryat national
cuisine featuring Buryat pozy (big dumplings), lamb, and other
tasty entrees. A folklore performance will cap your evening.


Day 04: Listvyanka

After breakfast you will leave your home stay and take
a mini-cruise to Listvyanka, a tiny village on the mouth
of the Angara River. A delicious Russian-Siberian lunch
shall be served onboard.


Day 05: Port Baikal and Utulik

After breakfast you will check out of the hotel and take
a ferry to the Port of Baikal. A ride on the famous Round
Baikal Railway will take you along "The Golden Buckle
of the Steel Belt of Russia." This section of the railway
is considered a feat of engineering and the most
spectacular historic railroad in Russia.