A Unique Chance To See Siberian Tiger

The Amur Tiger is the King of the Russian Far
East. Its numbers have been fluctuating over
the past fifteen years, but due to the effort
of WWF/Russia and other projects dedicated
to the preservation of this magnificent animal,
its numbers are increasing. Nevertheless,
observing the Amur Tiger is nearly impossible,
as it is elusive and requires long term dedication.
However, it is possible to learn what is being
done to protect the tiger from poachers and
other hazards.




Day 01: Arrival to Vladivostok

After your arrival in Vladivostok, you will transfer to the
Hotel Versailles in the heart of the city's downtown. For those
not too tired, take a walk around the city before enjoying
a light dinner in the hotel's dining room.


Day 02: Vladivostok City Tour

Today you will have a Vladivostok city tour. This once
'closed' Russian port on the western shores of the Sea
of Japan now offers visitors the exciting opportunity
to explore its principal military attractions, including a
tour of a restored submarine.


Day 03: Vladivostok-Terney

Today you will take the 700 km drive to Terney. A scenic
drive during any season, it will be comfortable as well as beautiful
as you traverse the rural roads of the Russian countryside.
Upon arrival in Terney, you will be lodged in home stays
with traditional outdoor toilet facilities.


Day 04: Terney

Today your adventure kick-starts with a walking tour of
Terney. After lunch you will depart for the Sikhote-Alyn
Reserve where you will participate in a wildlife tracking
excursion near Blagodatnoye Lake under the guide of
a Reserve biologist. Next embark on a 4-5 hour trek to
the Northern Cape, a coastal area where you can
observe seals and lush maritime scenery.


Day 05: Sikhote-Alyn Reserve

Today brings you to the site you have been waiting for:
the land of the Amur tiger! After breakfast you will drive
to the tiger's habitat, 25 km away from Terney. You
will drop your belongings in the Beekeeper's cabin
and prepare for the experience of a lifetime, tracking
the rare Amur tiger with the help of a wildlife biologist.


Day 06: Sikhote-Alyn Reserve

In the morning you will visit the architects of the Russian
-American Siberian Tiger Project and participate in
real-time radio tracking. You will have lunch at the
project center or surrounded by the wild in the
Reserve's field before returning to Terney for dinner
and overnight with your host families.


Day 07: Arkhipovka

After breakfast you will drive 380 km to Arkhipovka, a small
village of Old Believers. You will have lunch in the local café
and spend the afternoon visiting with inhabitants of the
village, learning about their culture, and exploring
their world.


Day 08: Arkhipovka-Spassk-Vladivostok

After breakfast at the Arkhipovka Country Lodge, you will
drive to Gaiveron Village in Spassk country to visit a family
of Amur tigers. The tigers live in a private woodland area
that is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Biological
Research Reserve. The manager of the project, Doctor
Yudin, will lead you on a tour of the facilities before
you return to Vladivostok.


Day 09:Departure

This is the final day of your tour. Your driver will take you
to the airport. You will be leaving home with a lifetime
of memories and unforgettable experiences!